Vadodara Visual ART Center


Q. Is there a minimum age criteria?

Ans. Yes, only 7 years and above can register for the Juniors Batch.


Q. Can I join a course after it has started?

A. Yes, each student do their respective courses individually. Then can start any course at any point of time.


Q. Do I need to bring my own supplies?

A. No, we supply all the materials required for the course.


Q. What sort of subjects and mediums do you cover in your courses?

A. We try to cover most subjects e.g.: portraiture, still life, life study, landscapes etc. We introduce most mediums such as pencil drawing, charcoal, dry pastel, oil painting, acrylic painting, water color, clay modeling, paper sculptures etc.


Q. What if I miss a class due to certain reasons?

A. If a student misses few classes (2 or3) in the entire module, we will adjust with few extra classes (no extra fee).


Q. How many students in one class?

A. 4 students or less. Limited class size and selective enrollment ensures that participants receive individual feedback.