Vadodara Visual ART Center

Welcome to Vadodara Visual Arts Centre!

It is my pleasure to invite you to the experience of a mirror- world of the effervescent art milieu in the city of Baroda.
Vadodara Visual Arts Centre carries a multifaceted structure which encompasses the arena of art and education.

With the experience in fine-art education of over years, Vadodara Visual Art Centre enables people to experience an initiation and also specialization in different artistic mediums. 
It offers you numerous courses that range from Career coaching courses (for Fine art, Design and Architecture) to specialized short-term and long-term courses.
Vadodara Visual Art Centre envisions promoting art through education for people of all age groups.

From kids who want to get the essence of art, Individuals who desire to pursue their dream they missed in their past and Youngsters who aspire to get admission in prestigious art, design and architecture colleges, Vadodara Visual Art Centre is their true destination.

Vadodara Visual Art Centre with its superior infrastructure provides the ideal ambience to learn and share the knowledge with our mentors and in-house artists.

I wish you the very best in all the creative pursuits and look forward to welcoming you to Vadodara Visual Art Centre.

Warm Regards

Vinit Nair
Founder and Director
Vadodara Visual Art Centre